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Professional Real Estate Agents With Years of Experience

The Columbo Real Estate Group has helped both buyers and sellers as an independent Real Estate Brokerage in the Pikes Peak Region of Colorado since 2013. They have built a reputation of competence with clients and with the Real Estate community at large.


Dan Russell, owner and employing broker, has been selling homes in Colorado Springs since 2003. Having a Realtor who is competent and well trained is essential for ensuring that your Real Estate transaction is completed in a smooth and efficient manner. Dan has worked as manager and trainer at several local Real Estate companies, and has trained over 100 new realtors over the past 12 years.


Choosing to work with any of the agents at the Columbo Real Estate Group will insure that you are working with a well trained and competent realtor. We specialize in residential sales of both new and pre-owned homes, and will walk with you through the entire process. Call us today to get the best trained realtor possible and let’s get you home!

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