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In todays market it can be difficult to get your offer to rise to the top in a crowded landscape with more buyers than sellers out there.  So what are some things that we can do to help you to get your offer noticed and considered above the others?

         Keep the offer clean   

                 No contingencies or special requests. These can make a seller nervous                     and cause them to move on to another offer.


         Find out what the seller wants

                  A good Realtor will inquire about what provisions may make the offer                        stick out, thereby making your offer more attractive to the seller.


         Give the seller what they want in the offer

                  To the best of your ability try to allow for the provisions to                                          accommodate the sellers wants and need.

          Dates and deadlines 

                   Again, try to keep things quick and easy for the sellers.  Dragging                               things out for an extended period is not a good way to get your offer                         noticed (unless they want a longer close).


          Keep the financing clean

                   Get pre-approved as opposed to pre-qualified

                   Have your lender speak with the listing Realtor.  This can ease tensions                     and fears

                   Can you go conventional?  Sometimes conventional financing is more                     attractive to sellers (less risk of hassles and delays)


A good strong offer that makes accommodation for the seller's needs will always stand above the rest.  And having a Realtor that is trained and skilled at making the benefits of your offer known to the Listing Agent gives you an even better edge when you are attempting to get your offer noticed in a competitive market. Remember: A seller will always pick the offer that most closely meets their own needs; it is your realtor whose job it is to find out what the seller's needs are!


At The Columbo Real Estate Group our Realtors are trained to the highest standards in both negotiation and communication skills to give our clients the best possible chance when competing for their new home.  We understand that it is our job to make deals work for all the parties as getting the home is what serves our clients best.


Give us a call to see what makes us different from your average Realtor.

You can call us @719-265-8626, text us @ 719-271-0826, or email us at

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