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We Will Help You Buy and Sell When You Transfer

Military relocation is about non-negotiable timetables and deadlines that often create stress and pressure for both the service member and spouse.  And families with children have even more challenging hurdles to conquer.


Columbo Real Estate Group understands the delicate balance you are experiencing, the tightrope strung between life where you are and life where you are headed.  We are deeply grateful for your service to our nation; we make it our mission to take as much of the burden of this transition from your shoulders as is possible.  We know that we cannot solve all your relocation challenges but we will work diligently to make finding your new home one of the smoothest parts of your move.  And if your relocation is taking you away from us, we can handle the sale or rental of your home efficiently, thoroughly and competently. 


We work with current and former military service members. We will help you find the housing that best suits your needs. Along the way we will make sure you understand how to take full advantage of the military benefits and services currently available (i.e. VA financing and Basic Allowance for Housing).  


Our goal for you and every service member we serve is to get you from point A to point B as quickly as possible with as little distraction to you as is necessary.  Our agents are licensed Military Relocation Professionals. We would be honored to help you accomplish this most important mission.  Call us today.

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