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Getting the proper valuation for your home.

When selling a home one of a seller’s biggest goals of course is to sell their home for the most money possible.  As you evaluate your home in preparation of the sale it is imperative that you have a Realtor that knows how to properly value a home.


  1. There are a couple of ways Realtors use to value a home?                                                                                                                           * Square footage.  What are homes in the area selling for on a square footage basis.                 * Comparable homes. 


The most accurate of these methods is the Comparable method.  But to accurately comp a home there are certain factors that must be considered to arrive at an accurate valuation.

  1. Good comps.  Not all homes are “Good Comps”.  To be considered Good Comps” they must be:

  • Same style / Type ( 1 story = 1 story, ranch =ranch, 4 level = 4 level etc.)

  • Same age range.  Within 5 years older or newer than target.

  • Similar square footage. Within 400 sf larger or smaller.

  • Sold within 6 months of listing your home.

  • Similar condition.  Remodeled or not?

  • Consider upgrades to home. (fireplace, deck, A/C, # baths, windows, views etc.)

  •  Is the basement finished?


These are just an example of the items that are considered when properly valuing a home.  It is imperative that your Realtor knows not only what adjustments to make to your home but how much each of those adjustment should be.   Not all Realtors are trained or even have an idea of how to properly value a home.  At the Columbo Real Estate Group our Realtors are trained with the same info. and material that appraisers are trained with. 


Note: This is also very intimidating to other Realtors that are not equipped or trained with this ability when justifying the price and value of our listings.


At The Columbo Real Estate Group it is our belief that we need to provide you our clients with every advantage possible to insure that we have given you the best possible representation when selling your home thereby insuring you the absolute most money when negotiating on your behalf.  In order to insure that your home is properly valued and that you are receiving the best possible representation, give us a call to and we will determine what you could sell the home for in todays changing market.

You can call us @719-265-8626 or email us at

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